The Island Mist Difference

There was once a time where you would need to spend hours sunbathing or paying for several sessions at a tanning salon to achieve a tan. Save time, money and your skin by booking an appointment for an Island Mist Tan! One session takes five minutes to apply and can last 10-14 days on average. Each time you have an Island Mist Tan applied you are giving yourself a healthy boost of moisture with our aloe-based tanning solution.

An Island Mist organic tan is the healthy alternative to producing the perfect tan. In fact, our sunless airbrushing tan will typically produce far superior result to sunbathing or solarium’s. That is because¬† you’re guaranteed to get perfectly even coverage. Unlike sunbathing where areas that are exposed to the sun longer appear darker than other areas, with an Island Mist sunless organic airbrush tan, your tan will be perfectly even and completely natural looking.